It’s About Time

Looks like it’s been a long time between posts. Sorry about that.

The main intent of this blog was to have a site other than my greenhouse website that  could serve as a learning resource about greenhouses, growing for market and starting a retail nursery. I think it’s serving it’s purpose in it’s current form and I honestly can’t think of any new and exciting content that I can pass along so I will just give you a short update on what’s going on at Steve’s Greenhouses.

Since Karla retired from the post office last May We have, started a retail nursery here at our place, bought a motorhome to travel in, and started getting serious (semi) about upgrading our landscape.

The nursery idea was to keep Karla from getting too bored in her new retirement. She retired on a Monday and we opened up the Weekend Nursery 3 days later, no chance to get bored there. We decided on the Weekend Nursery name as we figured it was totally descriptive of our business plan. Open on Friday Saturday and Sunday,starting in May and going into August. We were totally unprepared for the number of great folks that showed up throughout the first season. We think we may have met almost every person living between our place and Mt.St. Helens. We are located a mile from Interstate 5 so everyone east of us toward the mountain has to drive by us at least twice a day for work or shopping. Seems like everyone we met said they were from “just up the road”, turns out that  amounts to up to 40 miles. We are tucked away from the highway a bit but folks driving toward the freeway can see the top part of our property as well as our greenhouses. We put up our sign where they could see it as well as a few out on the highway and business just took off from there. We also put up our usual Pink Wave Petunia pots where they can be seen from Spirit Lake Highway, lots of folks comment on seeing these pot on the way to work in the mornings and some say it brightens up their commute a little.


I have been trying to explain to Karla the feeling of interacting with my greenhouse customers in the past but she could never really understand the high you get sharing your flowers and veggies with your customer/friends until she experienced it herself. From that first day on she is just loving meeting and interacting with all the new customers. She was afraid she didn’t know enough about plants and the nursery business but it turns out you don’t have to know everything. Most customers already know what they are looking for and if not it’s really to walk  around with them until you get a feeling for what they want to accomplish and then making suggestions to fit their needs.

Granted we did start out small with mostly Proven Winners plants, planters and baskets, but we also had several perennials that we have already started adding to for next year.

The Golden Rule to a nursery owner is ” Just wait till next year” this will be the subject of our next post.

Happy planning, for next year that is.

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Nursery stuff but it was a great pic and wanted to share.



Is Your Greenhouse In Our Customer Gallery?

IMG_1051IMG_1053024IMG_1047Imported Photos 00007 (2) Before Poly After Poly this house is in New Mexico, lots of sun outside of the clean look greenhouse from previous post The greenhouse feeds the garden and the garden feeds the owner, beautiful surroundings One of the sweetest customers I have ever had, he was 91 in this pic. This is his second 12×20 greenhouse. He’s growing veggies for his neighbors, for free. Don’t worry the poly covers all of your mistakes Getting ready for ground growing, note only 1 run of purlin in the center of the ceiling, it really takes 3 runs of purlin to shed the snow.

What’s inside of your Greenhouse? This is an old pic of one of my houses(yes it’s a pit, sorry) If you send me some pics of what’s growing in yours, now or in the past. I’d like to do a gallery of just customer pics.Those of you that have been here will recognize Mandy the greenhouse super dog.

12×100 with 4′ deep benches One of my houses with pink waves floating above. I may have this pic somewhere else on this blog but I really like it.This is visible from the highway that goes past our place, I have had folks at the market mention that they see these pots every morning on the way to work and sometimes it makes their day. Next year I’m doing a 40′ long planter on our new lot next door.It will be 8′ off of the ground.


Some Customers Greenhouses

12′x20′ with 1′ bump up 8′ 1″ tall

Portable Greenhouse Sand Bags inside Portable 10×15 on asphalt

The Clean Look The Clean Look

This customer chose to go with a fiberglass end wall

10′x15′ Greenhouse

Ready for end walls. Note this house is standard height. A 1′ bump up is available

Stubs with bows and foundation frame 2 12×100 houses for a local nursery

Almost 3′ of Snow

This customer did an awesome job on his lean to greenhouse, attached to pole barns side wall !0′ deep and 20′ long

A10′x20′ in the middle of a neighborhood

My latest customers photo, looks like a 12×40 house

Looks like this customer is ground growing and container growing in their house

Nice end wall look. This house belongs next to a red barn

Note how many of the Greenhouses are right in these folks gardens

Very nice for a 10′x10′ house



Pictures of The Good The Bad and The Very Ugly

Really ugly due to fertilizer burn, not my best effort

More ugly, this fuchsia was almost loved to death, now on the mend

That same fuchsia. The flowers weren't affected

Flowers from the fuchsia above

a little crooked but coming back, note the dead leaves in the foliage

Thank God I didn't fertilize the Begonias. This is one of the runt baskets that I was able to keep for our porch